Dying in Dignity


Death is inevitable and can also be scary for many people. This is why we should, as a society; help make this transition as comfortable as it is possible. This is where the palliative care plays an important role in a person’s end of life. Whether a person is dying of old age, cancer or any other illness, those cares allows a person to die in comfort and in dignity.

The principle of end-of life care is separated in two aspects. The fist one is the palliative cares which consist to decrease the patient’s sufferance and make the person as comfortable as possible. There is also the terminal palliative sedation, where the patient, after giving a written consent, with be sedated in a state of unconsciousness until his death.

The second aspect of the end-of-life care is the assisted suicide. This procedure is now allowed in Quebec, but can only be operated in particular situations. Assisted suicide is a very controversial subject, due to the fact that contrary to the terminal palliative sedation, the assisted suicide does not let the patient die in his own time, but terminate his life. However, this is not only a black and white subject; there are gray zones where assisted suicide could be the answer to some people. A person in a terminal stage of a very painful cancer could benefit of this option, he or she could be released of their pain and die in dignity which is one of the aspect the government of Quebec emphasis a lot.

According to the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association’s survey, 96% of the Canadians wish to choose where they’ll die. When time comes to leave our love ones behind and confront death, it is imaginable that most people would seek their friends, family and home, where all the memories of their life still live, and I believe the end-of-death care is the answer to those last wishes.

(CBC’s article:http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/96-of-canadians-want-to-choose-where-they-die-poll-finds-1.2508304?cmp=rss)

(Goverment of Quebec’s article: http://mourirdansladignite.gouv.qc.ca/soins-de-fin-de-vie)


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