Right to Life or Right to Choose?


The right to life has always been an ongoing issue in the world. Nowadays, this term is mostly use in abortion debates and marches. Pro-lifers, as William Saletan calls them in his article “Do Most Americans Think Most Abortions Should Be Illegal? “, believe that abortion should be illegal are allowed only in certain situation such as rape, incest or for the mother’s safety. On the other side of this debate, there are the pro-choicers, who believe in the right to choose, meaning that abortion should be legal; since the foetus isn’t born it is not yet a human person therefore does not have the same right to life.

In Saletan’s article, it was shown how one side or the other could manipulate the wording of their surveys to give the impression that there are more supporters on one side than the other. Since abortion is a touchy subject with lots of gray zones, those surveys are not always the most reliable sources. Our opinion should be our own, made by our own experiences and who we are; which is why I believe that the population should not relay on poll results to base their opinion.

The question of abortion is very controversial, but can also be very unique. What is meant by unique is that every situation is different and should be treated as such. Some persons strongly refuse to consider abortion in any cases. But what about a person that gets raped by a family member, which we all know increases the chance of genetic problems that could results in the death of the child or the mother? Fortunately, most people agree that in those cases, a woman should have the right to terminate her pregnancy. On the opposite side, there are pro-choicers that believe an abortion should be legal at any point in the pregnancy. It is those situations that should be treated as a unique case. Should a drug user be forbidden to get an abortion if the dependence for drugs in alcohol is so strong it would only hurt the foetus? Or should a woman be allowed to terminate her pregnancy because she had unprotected sex and does not want to deal with the ramifications of her act?

This is why neither side is right or wrong. Each situation is different the “whys?“ should always be analysed in order to help some people and save others.

Source:http://www.slate.com/blogs/saletan/2014/01/22/abortion_polls_2014_do_most_americans_think_most_abortions_should_be_illegal.html ))


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