Arts, Sciences & Applications

Science is the quest of knowledge of principles and understanding of everything around us. Art is the pursuit of perfection, to imitate or to go against the work of nature. Those two definitions are different, but it is also possible to see a similarity between them.

Science and art are often seen as two different disciplines that have nothing in common. However, when we start to really look into their definition and their meaning, we see they both share resemblances. Science tries to prove the phenomenon of life and how everything works and arts is simply the application of science. If the study of the human body and how it moves is science, then dance can be considered the application of it. As a dance we have to have a certain knowledge of our body and our limitations. Sometimes, it is the knowledge brought by science of our environment that makes art even more impressive, because with time and experiment, we have came to the conclusion that to execute a certain move you have to counteract the laws of gravity therefore science. Science has also helped the evolution of sculpture and painting. Mathematic is needed to know the quantity of material necessary for a sculpture and geometrics for the proportions. Chemistry is use in painting. The mixture of chemicals and natural products, the right quantity to give the desirable color, is an application of science. Science can also be an application of art. The best example would be architecture, where drawing and creating is a big part of the whole process. Physics is applied to know how to counter act the force of gravity and to allow the creation of a piece.

I believe that science and art form a thigh bond and are essential to each other. Science could not be without art and art could not be without science.



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