Big Brother Is Watching You

Big brother is actually a fictional character from the novel 1984 from George Orwell. He represents the head of the political party and is recognized to be omnipresent because of all the posters of him on walls, billboards or even TV. He is a powerful character that knows everything, but has never really been seen.

In the actual world, the expression big brother has become a symbol for the lost of the individual rights of the population as well as representation of the government control. As the number of TV, computers, cameras and numbers of other technologies, this feeling of being watched and having our privacy disturbed by the secret eyes of the government grew even more popular. Nowadays, we can track almost anybody with a cell phone GPS, with a credit card, etc. It brings out the question of privacy and also the potential danger of having such a big knowledge. It is part of our individual rights to be given a certain liberty and privacy. It is normal to want privacy in our life. Not everything should be known by the government; they already have our financial records, health records and more. The more surveillance a person is under, the less free a person will feel. Nobody wants to live in a society records and analyse your every move.

With the satellites and today’s technology and further development, it is not impossible to believe that someday we will be under as much surveillance as in the novel 1984. With knowledge comes power, and if this power given through the advancement of science and technology could into the wrong hands, there could be disastrous consequences. Our society needs technology to function properly, but it is also this technology that could be our downfall.




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