Cooking, Women & Science

Cooking first appeared while humans were still very primitive, and it has became one of the most important parts of all society. Cooking is life, because without food we could not survive as well as we now do. In the past men hunted down the dinner, but it was the women who took care of the food. For many centuries, the responsibility of cooking was passed down to the women of the family and it was their duty to make food for the rest of the family.

When analysed, cooking can be seen as a practical application of chemistry principles. Ingredients are mixed and they need to reach a certain texture before continuing to the next step, which is what chemistry is. It is a chemical reaction where elements are exposed to heat and other substances which change the state of the elements without changing its composition, since the atoms linked one way earlier are still there but are bonded to different ones.

However, cooking was never considered as a science. When science was invented, the access of knowledge harvested by this discipline was strictly reserved to men. Furthermore, not all men had access to it, most were monks, nobles, kings, scholar… Women were not even considered as equals. Their role was to take care of the family, not to question the world. Cooking was a discipline associated strictly to women; therefore it never really became a science.

Cooking should be considered as an application of science, since it uses all the principles of chemistry in a practical way.




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