Doctors, Drugs & Money

A doctor is a person that will directly or indirectly influence a person’s life according to the decision he makes. They are the ones who make the diagnostic and the prescription. Either way, they will have an impact on many lives.

Doctors are bound to offer the best service they can and take no chance with someone else’s life. So, what happens when doctors let their objectivity and moral influenced by pharmaceutical companies? Contrary to the construction or business world, the medical world is one where fatal decisions are made. In this world, there is no place for things such as lobbying or corruption, because it is not just about saving money for a particular company. It is also about people’s health and their well-being. So when doctors accept these favors paid by pharmaceutical companies, it makes the patient wonder if they really are getting the best treatments possible. It becomes an ethical problem where the doctor actually gambles with the life of a patient in order to make even more money. It becomes a debate between money and health.

In research, this problem was of high interest about 10 years ago. This kind of lobbying was very present. Pharmaceutical companies really took advantage of it in order to interest more doctors to get on board with a particular research project. This problem could prevent some drugs with a bigger potential to be tested and further advanced, because of the lack of promotion. It makes us wonder where the line between money and health should be drawn.


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