Makeup, Cosmetics & Chemicals

For centuries, civilisations have used cosmetics in deferent forms. Egyptians used to wear makeup based on oils and natural herbs, Chinese and Japanese used rice powder for their face. Cosmetics have always been part of us. At the beginning, makeup was natural and made with what the earth provided. Nowadays, the process of making makeup is much more complicated and the results are sometimes not as good as we think.

One of two major issues with makeup is the chemicals used in order to have the desired product. The skin takes in general 26 seconds to absorb a product, and according to Ian Taylor from Green People, up to 60% of ingredients will absorbed by the skin and then received in the bloodstream.* When those chemical are absorbed this way, they are not detoxified by the live. They then remain is the blood where depending on the level of concentration certain chemicals can interact will cells causing changing that can eventually be bad for our body. Certain ingredients used in mainstream cosmetics are considered toxic but because researchers do not have enough data concerning undesired effects, they are still used. An example would be paraben. This ingredient is used as a preservative, but shows a strong correlation with women developing breast cancer.* Another example is petroleum jelly. They are used in makeup in order to make them cheaper. Disposing of this ingredient is very expensive so petrol companies sell it to cosmetic companies.* The danger with petroleum jelly is because of its texture, it blocks the pores of the skin keeping it from breathing. After seeing the effects of such ingredient in common make up, t is clear that cosmetic companies will stretch the boundaries of the regulations on which ingredients is allowed or not. Whether the ingredient is dangerous or not, if it is allowed because there are no studies proving exactly their undesired effects; the cosmetic companies won’t hesitate to use those ingredients if it means they will save money and expending the shelf-life of their products.




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