Medicine, Business & Abuses

Life and health have always been important values in most societies. Our goal is to live the longest life as healthy as possible. Access to treatments and its organization have always been an issue. Mixing medicine and business has always been regarded as something frowned upon. However, to be capable of providing the care needed a practice must have the necessary funding to pay the doctors, the nurses, all employees, the treatment machines… Obviously, any medical practice will have to rely on business somehow. The question is: are there any abuses?

Right now in the United-States, medicine is use as a way to make money. Some medical practices function as a company where the goal is to make the more money as possible. The perfect examples would be when prostate cancer and breast cancer are involved. In some case those type of cancer can be detected very early on at a stage that those not represent a threat to the person. At this stage, the cancer could simply be closely watched by healthcare specialists. This activate surveillance allows the patient a longer period of time without any side effects that a ‘’premature’’ treatment would cause. The problem in the United-States is that doctors often skip this surveillance and go directly to surgery or chemotherapy or radiotherapy in order to make money. For example, a 50 years old man with a stable prostate cancer will be treated immediately instead of using the activate surveillance method. This decision from the doctor will mostly lead the loss of this man’s prostate which could incapacitate him from having erections or becoming urinary incontinence. The doctor will prefer make more money with the immediate treatments than actively watch the cancer and give better life conditions, which should be the true motivation behind treating people.


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