Nature, Knowledge & Destruction

According to the Collins Concise English dictionary, nature is a word that comes from the Latin word nātūra which is derived from nātus, the past participle of nascï, meaning to be born. Nature has many different definitions in itself, but can really be seen as the base of everything.

The world we know today was created by the evolution of nature. Nature is part of u; it is what drives us to evaluate. Everything we now know comes from nature. The food we eat that keeps us alive is part of nature. Our knowledge in agriculture and cooking is due to our environment. Nature is also science. It is in nature that scientist found their answers to certain principals and the desire to know more about nature and how to use it that brought our knowledge to where it is now. We found nature everywhere and it gave us everything we have, so why are we so inconsiderate of it now?

Since the industrialisation, our rate of pollution has enormously increased. It is as if we only wanted what the earth can give us without ever giving back. Some countries are now more considerate since we have now discernible effects of our past behaviour, and regulate the pollution made by industries. However other countries prefer to make more money than help the planet and continue to harm our environment. It is unnecessary to say that all humans are concerned in this problem since it is a global problem what touches us touches others. Our actions are not without any consequences and it would be time that the countries change their consummator habit and be more eco-friendly to our earth which is where everything started and evolved from.


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