Nuclear, Energy & Dangers

It is in the human nature to want to control everything. It gives a feeling of safety since men are the ones deciding when and where. However, control needs power, and this power is sometime not as good as we might think. An actual problem would be the nuclear power, a force so big that it can scrape a city of the map.

Nuclear energy comes from atoms. The energy that is made by the exothermic nuclear power generates heat and electricity. Nuclear energy really has a great potential as an energy resource, but the dangers that comes with this technology is not without any consequences. Some people believe that nuclear energy is the solution to global warming. However when a problem occurs and a industry loses the control of their machines, it is not just water that escape, but radioactive components. It then destroys the environment by killing the closest elements, but can still affect people all over the world, since the soil is now contaminated, agriculture is then impossible, cancer and genetics changes occurs which can have devastating consequences on a population. There is also a lot of secrecy around the issue of nuclear power. There is not a lot of information that explains how the radioactive wastes, made from this energy source, are disposed of. It becomes an issue, because those are harmful components that can affect the life of many persons. We should know what happens to those wastes, so we can make sure that we are not being contaminated without knowing it.

Apart from using nuclear power for energy, this source can also be use as a weapon. Most countries now wish to have access to nuclear bombs, whether it is for protection or any other reason. It raise the question if nuclear really is the solution to our problem or an additional problem.


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