Spaceships, Satellites & life

Discovering new boundaries has always been part of humanity. Whether it is in the field of science, psychology or geographically, humans always had had the need to answer the inexplicable and to explore. Now that the earth has been fully discovered and mapped, men turned their attention toward a world of infinity possibilities: space. Full of mysteries, the sky and the stars have always been a constant a source of wonder and interest.

Since the first time men went in space, progress has never stopped, but not without a price. Not fully understanding this new world and the high technological difficulties have lead to many deaths over time. Those deaths can be caused by an error in the construction of the spaceship or a miscalculation in the calculated program of the astronauts. There also the question of money. Discovering the space and building spaceships to go in space cost a lot of money that could be used for to help fight HIV in Africa or simply to improve our world on Earth. So why risk the lives of astronauts and not help the people living on Earth.

At first, it would be easy to see the discovering of space as a loss of resources and money as well as unnecessary risks for some people. Let’s not forget that because of those missions and technological advancement many lives were saved. The use of satellites has allowed us to predict the weather all around the world and to save lives by predicting any natural catastrophes. Going in space as also allowed us to create new ways of communication such as cell phones which makes so much more people reachable and can also be used if anyone was in danger. When astronauts go in space, the lack of gravity allows them to study the human body and its functioning. The discovering of space has allowed us to understand so much more and to be capable of improve life on earth that it has became a necessity where those who risk their life know the chances they take.



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