Technological Singularity, Robots & Future

Technological singularity is theme frequently explored in science-fiction movies. It is the term use to this describe the moment when the computers will overpower us by gaining their own consciousness and will be able to make decision out of their programming system.

Technological singularity does imply certain risk for the human world. If the machines would be capable of developing a consciousness and surpass the intelligence of men, what would happen to us? We are now living in a world where humans is in control. We were the first specie to use the earth for our need instead of letting the earth dictate our needs. A group of researchers of Cambridge University has investigated the question of technological singularity. They came up with a possible hypothesis as to what would happen to humans if we were no longer the superior specie. Unlike the popular belief that machines would rebel against us and kill us out of hatred for using them, they would simply act as we do with gorillas. They believe that machines will just not care enough for our survival that we would eventually vanish. There are less and less gorillas in the world, because even though we do not want them to vanish we won’t risk our life to save them. In a sense, we have grown indifferent to them and what they do, because we are too busy with our specie.

For the moment, our society is seriously dependant of technology. This dependence has slowly been creeping on us since the industrial era where we started to use machines to make what we could before. What makes us believe that with the present speed of our technological development, technology could not eventually surpass us?




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